• Cape Town

    6 August @ Cape Town Stadium

  • Johannesburg

    7 & 8 October @ Sci Bono Centre

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Tech4Africa is about breaking rules, upsetting trends and unsettling institutions but first and foremost, great content.
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Cape Town

Tech4Africa picks up again on August 6th, at the Cape Town Stadium.

Be prepared for a day jam packed full of tech and inspiration.


The schedule and speaker lineup is now complete.


  • KEYNOTE: From Technology to Socks. What it's like to sell a mobile startup and then build an ecommerce company - Nic Haralambous

  • Let's make Code South Africa's 12th official language. (Let's train every young African in coding skills.) - Andre Vermeulen

  • How to build your eco-system without selling your soul - Sarah

  • The Tech Startup Scene - Keith Jones

  • Prototyping for Perspective - Rishal Hurbans

  • How to do Employee Share Ownership Programs for startups right. - Llew Claasen

  • White, male, and short on cash: lessons from The Ventureburn Startup Survey 2015 - Jacques Coetzee, Job Mabiala, Stuart Thomas

  • KEYNOTE: Underdog Mentality, Disruption and the Art of Giant Killing - Steve Evans


  • Perspective Shift: Building a Mobile Payments Agent Network - Hans Hesse

  • A focus on Spring Data REST. - Steven Ndaye, Bukiwe Tsoeu

  • SA eCommerce landscape - a closer look at alternative online payment methods - Jonathan Smit

  • A digital trail of disruption with happily disrupted customers - Felix Erken

  • What A 60's Rock n' Roll Band Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing - Fred Roed

  • Getting Lean Innovation to Work in Big Corporates - Maritza van den Heuvel

  • Embrace Failure - PROSPER OTEMUYIWA

  • FPV 'drone' Racing the start of a new sport - Alan Ball

  • How to diversify your web service business internationally - Dania Gerhardt

  • KEYNOTE: WooCommerce: The journey thus far - Matty Cohen

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Cape Town Venue

Tech4Africa Cape Town Will Be Held At

Cape Town Stadium

Fritz Sonnenberg Road, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051, South Africa

The stadium is located in Green Point, between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean, close to the Cape Town city centre and to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, a popular tourist and shopping venue.


  • 13 Jul 2015 11:09 am

    My Tech4Africa Experience

    The moment felt very surreal when Afrocast was called up as the local winners of the IBM SmartCamp award at Tech4Africa 2014. So you can imagine my shock when we (Afrocast) were also announced as the Regional winners of the IBM SmartCamp award! It was unbelievable and it still has not sunk in almost 2 […]

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  • 13 Nov 2014 2:38 pm

    Mobile / Research Top 10

    What you need to know in the world of mobile trends November 2014 #1 Mobile Is Eating The World There is no point in drawing a distinction between the future of technology and the future of mobile. They are the same. In other words, technology is now outgrowing the tech industry. - Benedict Evans #2 Global smartphone […]

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  • 7 Oct 2014 1:03 pm

    Getting ready for Tech4Africa tomorrow

    Email sent to delegates today, applies to everyone at all Tech4Africa events! Hi All, Just a quick note to remind you of a few things for Tech4Africa. To get the most out of Tech4Africa, you should be doing the following: ​Arrive early so you miss traffic, and you get parking​ Bring a power supply for […]

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  • 3 Oct 2014 2:03 pm

    WomeninTechZA Panel Discussion – Tech4Africa

    Despite what you might think if you take a look around, there actually are women in the tech sector. And they’re not just in sales, marketing, or hiding behind a screen coding. They’re engineers, developers, BAs, project managers, founders, CEOs and most everything else. Samantha Perry, co-founder of WomeninTechZA, an initiative that aims to address […]

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  • 3 Oct 2014 8:17 am

    Florian Aschenbrenner – Scaling from experience

    Florian Aschenbrenner will be holding a workshop on how to ensure your infrastructure can grow with your business. It’s something, he says, that not many people think a lot about. “You start a business, write an app, but you don’t think about how it will handle spikes or increased traffic a few months down the […]

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  • 2 Oct 2014 2:54 pm

    Erik Hersman – It’s about the journey

    Erik Hersman is the well-known co-founder of Ushahidi, a web mashup built in 2008 to map post-election violence. It’s become a platform and organisation. He’s also a co-founder of iHub – Nairobi’s Innovation Hub – and most recently, BRCK – a rugged solution to connecting in places where electricity and internet access are problematic. Hersman […]

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