What A 60’s Rock n’ Roll Band Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

Fred Roed (CEO), World Wide Creative

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Which band is the most successful touring band of all time? It’s probably not what you think. The Grateful Dead have toured more times to more people than any other band in history. The Dead, and their faithful community of followers the ‘Deadheads’, teach us 7 lessons that we need to apply to our digital marketing strategies today.

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Event: CapeTown

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Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

How to create a loyal community of followers in digital marketing.

Speaker qualifications:

Fred Roed first started teaching people how to build their brands in the digital economy way back in 1998. Fred is the co-founder and CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative, with clients such as Hyundai, City of Cape Town, SA Gold Coin Exchange, Virgin Mobile and The Foschini Group. Fred is also the co-founder of the Heavy Chef project, dedicated to demystifying digital marketing. Fred is obsessed with brand strategy and digital media - with side habits of pizza, Hawaiian shirts, movies, Danish beer and fine wine. Fred Roed is currently Head of Agencies at the IAB SA (Interactive Advertising Bureau SA) and was awarded “Best Individual Contribution to the South African Digital Industry” in the 2015 Bookmark Awards held at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg. Fred is also pretty sure he saw Elvis once, at the Pick n' Pay in Tableview.


2003 Co-founder, Creative Director & CEO, World Wide Creative.
2005 Co-founder, the Heavy Chef initiative.
2009 Co-founder, World Wide Creative, Johannesburg.
2013 Appointed Head of Agencies at the IAB South Africa.
2015 Awarded “Best Individual Contribution to the Digital Industry” in the 2015 Bookmark Awards.

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