Prototyping for Perspective

Rishal Hurbans (Team Lead), Entelect

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A talk about the process of developing ideas, evaluating ideas, and communicating ideas. This talk explores the lifecycle of prototyping, the influence of UX, and the advantages for development teams, product owners, and users. This talk includes theoretical information, personal experiences, and practical examples for developing better ideas and making better products

Design and Development / Solo / Impart wisdom / Innovative / Intermediate

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #prototyping #ux #userexperience #beyondanalysis

Best for: Designers, Developers, Team Leads, Solution Architects, Project Stakeholders, Business Owners, Executives

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What are the different approaches to eliciting requirements and forming solutions? How can I challenge perspectives vs. accepting "ideals". (Sometimes, the solution proposed by a client, is not necessarily the solution they're looking for). What are prototypes and how do I adopt prototyping? How can I change my thinking when considering technology and it's uses. (Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should do it). What is a possible process for weeding out poor ideas, and accepting then enhancing good ideas for innovation and usefulness?

Speaker qualifications:

I’m a Software Engineer from South Africa. I currently work as a Team Lead at Entelect. During my career, I’ve been responsible for solution analysis, UX design, technical architecture design, and mobile development, among others for various blue chip clients across the country and overseas. I have spoken at a number of conferences and user groups including: JSinSA ( WIAD ( Entelect DevDay ( Johannesburg Android User Group ( Jozi Java User Group ( Please feel free to contact the above conference organisers to gauge my ability. You can find out more information about me on my website and blog:

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