White, male, and short on cash: lessons from The Ventureburn Startup Survey 2015

Stuart Thomas (Senior Reporter), Memeburn

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The Ventureburn Startup survey is looking to uncover the nuts and bolts of the startup sector. This talk will unpack the results from the survey.

Entrepreneurialism and Business / Success story or case study / Tell a story / Engaging / Beginner

Event: CapeTown

Hashtags: #startups, #survey, #entrepreneurship

Other speakers: Jacques Coetzee
Job Mabiala

Best for: Entrepreneurs, VCs, Angel Investors

Speaker country: South Africa

Questions this session will answer:

What are the major challenges facing the country’s entrepreneurs?
What do South Africa’s startup founders look like?
What sectors are startups more prevalent in?
What types of funding are startups securing, and where are they getting their money from?
Why are people flocking to startups to work there?
Where is the most startup activity happening in South Africa?

Speaker qualifications:

I've spent the last four years writing about the South African technology and startup space.

Supporting material:

There will be a series of articles and infographics around the data from the survey.

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